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Executive Board Nominations

Here are the current nominees for the open Executive Board Positions


Nick Brandt

Bobby Rae

Sean Moulton


Nick Babino

Joe Midili (Pending Accepting Nomination)

James Goodworth 

A-Shift Steward

Tim Lair

Brian Rodeo 

B-Shift Steward

Scott Burd

C-Shift Steward

Joe Midili (Pending Accepting Nomination)

Bill Hedges

Glenn Schoenmetz

Joe Iarussi

Nominations will close at the conclusion of the December 3rd membership meeting.

Elections will held December 8th, 9th, & 10th from 8am-12p at Station 2 Training Center & HCFR Headquarters.

click here to suggest your Executive Board Nominee

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Step Plan Increases


Effective 2000hrs, September 27th, 2015 the step increases and CPI took effect. In addition, the remaining hourly rate that was deferred from last October has been included for those who had a deferment. There is NO LUMP SUM PAYMENT of the deferred amount. It's only an additional increase to your hourly rate. Click the $ below to view the step plan located in the documents section. 

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Frequently we get the opportunity to meet future firefighters in our everyday duties. This young man has taken to the next level! Good Luck Deuce!!


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A little humor for those days that just don't end!

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Fellow Brothers and Sisters,

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